Supportive Care

Supportive Care

The Supportive Care team at The Don & Sybil Harrington Cancer Center includes Social Work Services, Counseling Services, Nutrition Services and Volunteer Services. Supportive Care is an integral part of how the Cancer Center responds to the individual needs of patient care.

If you need assistance with any Supportive Care service please call 806-212-1990 or toll free 800-274-4673.


Individual and family therapy is available for Harrington Cancer Center patients and caregivers who are coping with issues related to their cancer and cancer treatment. Counseling and psychoeducational support groups are provided by an on staff Licensed Professional Counselor.

Social Work Services

Social Work Services provides services to patients and family members in order to assist with the social, emotional and financial challenges frequently associated with cancer and cancer treatment. Through direct service and through collaboration with the health care team and community agencies, social workers can assist in achieving and maintaining the best possible quality of life.

Nutrition Services

Maintaining good nutrition can be a challenge for patients before, during and after cancer treatment. A Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist is available to assist with any nutritional concerns that arise. Services provided include nutritional assessment and education on healthful nutrition during treatment, dealing with treatment-related side effects, weight management, enteral nutrition (tubefeeding), oral nutrtion supplements and cancer prevention. Patients may contact the dietitian directly for consultation, or request a referral from their physician or nurse.