What you need to know about thyroid cancer

Do you know what your thyroid is, the symptoms of thyroid cancer and what to do if you believe you are at risk? 

Located in the base of the neck, the butterfly-shaped gland produces hormones that help regulate your metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. 

Thyroid cancer occurs when cancer cells form in the tissues of the thyroid gland, threatening your thyroid’s ability to help your body function properly. According to the American Cancer Society, women are three times more likely to develop thyroid cancer than men.

In its early stages, thyroid cancer does not typically cause any signs or symptoms. As the cancer grows, it may cause hoarseness that doesn’t go away, trouble swallowing, neck swelling, trouble breathing, a lump in the neck or a cough that lasts for a long time. The good news is that most cases of thyroid cancer can be found early and treated successfully. 

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms outlined above, or have additional questions about your thyroid health, make an appointment with your doctor right away. Local treatment options for thyroid cancer are available at BSA Harrington Cancer Center. For more information, call 806-212-4673.