Woman Battles Lung Cancer with Grace

Bobbie Cox had been experiencing a cough and shortness of breath for about three years, but attributed her symptoms to being overweight and inactive. Cox’s family and friends were concerned that Bobbie would lose her breath by simply walking across the room.

After Cox moved to Amarillo to be with family, her daughter insisted that she see a doctor.

In September of 2019, Cox’s doctor ordered a CT scan and referred her to BSA Harrington Cancer Center. There she met Shari, her nurse navigator, and Dr. Anita Ravipati, her oncologist. Cox said the two made her feel as if she had “won the lottery.”

The results of Cox’s CT scan revealed a tumor in the middle of her right lung and she was diagnosed with stage 2 adenocarcinoma, a type of lung cancer.

Cox received four rounds of carboplatin plus pemetrexed, a chemotherapy regimen used to treat cancer in or near the lungs. Cox says she felt blessed by her experience at BSA Harrington Cancer Center during her three-hour chemotherapy treatments.

“Everyone was wonderful, had a positive attitude and provided first-class treatment by constantly checking in on me,” said Cox. “The staff handled a constantly busy chemo room with ease, and there was no shortage of snacks, drinks, blankets or smiles!”

One of the most special parts of Cox’s treatment was the constant support she received from the BSA Harrington Cancer Center staff. “I was able to attend a meeting with other patients who were about to undergo chemotherapy treatment. Barbara, an employee from supportive care services helped me pick out scarves and wigs and Natalie, my counselor, helped me cope with my treatment and navigate through stressors in my life,” said Cox. “These services were all free of charge and truly helped guide me through my battle as gracefully as possible.”

Cox finished her treatment on March 5, and had her last CT scan in July. Today, Cox is cancer-free and feels lucky to have had her doctors and support team at BSA Harrington Cancer Center care for her.


Discuss your lung cancer risk with your doctor. For information on lung cancer screening, please call 806-212-LUNG (5864).