Gynecologic Oncology

Unique to the cancer care facilities in Amarillo is our on-site lab which provides our patients with the ability to have their lab tests done within the same facility where they receive their medical care and treatments.

The Cancer Center lab is inspected by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and accredited with distinction. During the CAP accreditation process, inspectors examine the laboratory's records and quality control of procedures. CAP inspectors also examine qualifications of the entire staff, the laboratory's equipment, facilities, safety program and record, as well as the overall management of the laboratory.

Lab tests are a necessary part of the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The tests are performed by a medical technologist at Harrington Cancer Center or sent to an outside lab for processing.

NOTE: Due to state regulations, the Harrington Cancer Center lab can only provide lab draws related to treatment at the Cancer Center and ordered by a Harrington Cancer Center doctor. Some insurance providers may require your lab work to be done at another facility.